Monday, January 2, 2012

solid goaled

I'm not sure why blogging is so hard for me now.
I think maybe it's because I'm thinking with my biz brain
and I find blogging about information... boring.
I read info blogs
and I'm an info junky
but I don't want to write one.
Not right now.
Maybe later.
Maybe never.
Right now I just want to get into the habit again
which means I need to make it fun.
If it isn't fun, I won't do it.
So for now, it's all about the fun stuff
the stuff I geek out about...
basically what ever the hell I feel like blogging about.

31 posts... I can do this.
It's not a resolution.
I'm not making resolutions this year.
I'm making monthly goals.
This month:
31 blog posts
daily FB post
daily tweet

Normally I would now spend my afternoon creating the perfect goal tracker.
I would spend hours making it pretty
changing fonts
changing colors
coming up with clever sayings and phrases for what I'm trying to accomplish
instead of doing laundry 
and cleaning the kitchen 
and working on design work that NEEDS to be worked on...
and when it's all done
I go to print it and find there is not enough ink in the damn printer to properly print it.

This time I grabbed a pen and a notebook...
instant chart.
Now I'm walking away from the blog
even though I really want to add stuff to the sidebar
and make little buttons for facebook and twitter
and change the font
and I create a signature.

nuff said

here we go

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