Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birthday Special

My 40th birthday is this coming Sunday
and I LOVE birthdays! LOVE LOVE LOVE
I usually just celebrate from May 1st right through the 15th.
Now I don't mean I celebrate as in non stop partying and drinking
but it's more of just a happy to be alive celebratory feeling.

My daughter (13) knows how I feel about birthdays
and told me yesterday that she mentioned my birthday to her friends.
Two of them told her that their mothers had cried when they turned 30.
She asked if I had cried and I laughed.. no.
I said ...and you won't see me crying at 40 either.
It's just a number... and much like the number on the scale..
I don't let it affect me.

I laughed because what I didn't tell her is that while my age doesn't make me feel sad,
I did get a bit misty about the new tube of mascara she now carries with her.
How did that happen?
SHE'S getting old!

Then she hit me again a few hours later with
"I want to start shaving my legs mom!"


So anyway
in honor of my birthday
I'm having a special in the shop.
Early Retirement for every logo purchased
so if there's one you want...
snap it up fast!


  1. I love your attitude! I don't mind getting older either. I think b/c I have led a fulfilling life and have no huge regrets, it makes getting older easier than trying to hold onto and re-live more youthful days! HAPPY 40TH!! I'll be joining that club in a few years myself:)

  2. Happy 40th Kelly! I agree it's about celebrating life and not the number.

  3. Happy birthday, enjoy your favorite day.

  4. Happy Birthday! I really didn't pay any attention to my birthday ages either. However, later in my 40's I started to notice my age.(lol). But we just have to push forward and enjoy each stage in life. Enjoy your kids, when they have left home....that's when you really notice your age. Finding interesting ways to keep busy is the key...

  5. At 40 you are just now coming into your own. Celebrate the beginning of a new and wonderful phase of your life.

  6. WOW This is great! HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    I LOVE birthdays, and all special occassions actually. I am definitely checking your shop out!!!

  7. Happy birthday!!! And I also think birthdays should actually be birthmonths. lol

  8. Happy Birthday!!! I love my birthday, though I must admit I was NOT happy to turn thirty. Then I thought of the alternative, and 30 sounded GREAT.

  9. Happy birthday! What a great attitude you have :) Your daughter is so funny!

  10. Happy 40th!! I'm already there and its GREAT! I do agree with the kids getting old too fast!!

  11. 40 wasn't bad for me - 41 was harder. Our oldest just turned 21! How did that happen?
    Hope you have an awesome B-day!! Party!


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