Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apparently I am disposable.

If there is one thing I can't stand
it's drama.
Sure a lot of people say that
but can't see that they are the ones
creating it.
I don't create drama.
I don't want any part of it.
I like my quiet life.

Sometimes though... the drama finds us
and what do we do?
We put on our big girl panties
and DEAL with it

I'm not being quiet at the moment.
I'm angry and hurt and frustrated.
I'm also sad.
So if you have delicate eyes
and don't want to read some cuss words...
best click the X up there in the top right corner
and come back a happier day.

Yesterday I was told I had to choose.
I could either stay with a team that I had put a lot of work into...
spent hours working on posts and tutorials
making graphics and banners and buttons
creating code for blog lists...
I did all that because I wanted to help the team.
I could either stay with "The Team"
or stay with the "other" team.

I sat down and weighed it out
even though I knew instantly what I was going to do.
Team 1 has great promotions and
is good for my business.
Team 2 is run by my friend.
Team 1 is rigid and controlling.
Team 2 is fun and again... run by my friend.
Team 1 said if you want to stay
you need to shit on your friend.
Team 2 said we'll understand if you want to go.

So let's see...
I lose some promotions
I keep my integrity
Friends always come first.
My friend made it clear
that it was ok if I wanted to go
because she knew that Team 1 was good for my business
but you know what
I don't give a rats ass about those fucking promotions
I'll stick with my friends thankyouverymuch.
A good friend is more important than a tweet
or a stumble
or a pin.
Friends are there WHEN you stumble.
They tweet your shop when you don't ask...
they heart your items with wild abandon
they stumble all over your shop with out being REQUIRED
they list your shop on their blog
they help you out and hold you up
they do what they can when they can
with out making rules
with out asking for proof
with out telling you who you can promote with.
That is a friend.
So thanks Promo Frenzy Team.
Thanks for the memories.
Your team helped me out a lot
and I helped you
because I thought we were friends.
I thought wrong.

I left a Promotion Team.

I'm staying with my Promoting Friends
and those promotions...
they mean a hell of a lot more to me.

I wouldn't be me if I chose a bit of business over a friend.
I wouldn't like myself if I did.

So there's my rant.
That's how I feel.
I feel dumped.
Unappreciated... even if you did say you appreciate everything I did for the team. Bull.
I'm really upset by this.
I didn't realize I was so disposable.

Thank goodness I have lovely friends who are willing to recycle me.

PS... I wrote this of my own free will. No one asked me to. No one told me to.


  1. You made me cry. I am so happy to have you as a friend and a team mate. HUGS

  2. Kelly, you're preaching to the choir. But of course you know that. :)

    You're a ROCK STAR!!!! Would have been one no matter what you did. That, my friend, is what you ARE!

  3. Lisa, the promotion will come back. Everything you lost by leaving Promo Team will begin to come together again in a matter of time. When I left my stats suffered - not gonna lie. But now things are better than ever - sales, views, everything. And you have some wonderful new teamies to work with! They say that every bad experience is meant to bolster you up - and they couldn't be more right! Lots of love to you and your new team! xo

  4. Waves "hi" to Bloom, Crimson and Powers - missed all you gals (you too Kelly!).

  5. No one is disposable! And to "the team" who thinks people are, good riddance! Way to stick to what's important Kelly! Rock Stars all the way!!! :D

  6. Awwww Rhett!!! We miss you too! I didn't know how smart you were :)

    Oh well, lessons learned. Thanks for the good luck wishes on our team!

  7. Darn Blogger! I tried to comment earlier and it went all wonky so I'll try this again!

    Powers: Sorry I made you cry :( I was all teary when I typed this. And when I removed the button I made for the team from my sidebar. And when I read the whole thing to Marty. And... you get it. grrrr

    Bloomy: Thanks for making me a Rock Star :) This is my kind of choir!

    Crimson: Ty:) And hey doesn't Ditto mean I love you?? LOL

    Rhett: Thank you for your kind words :) And it's good to see you! I'm not worried about the promotions or views.. I know we'll all be just fine.

    Leah: That's right! Rock Stars!!!
    ::high five::

  8. What a moving blog, very poetic. There's an old saying, "anyone can be replaced," but being discarded is another thing. It's a pleasure to call you a friend.

  9. Moana: Ty and you too :) Looking forward to some fun promoting together!


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