Wednesday, March 9, 2011

...a little help from my friends

Color can be tough!
My favorite color is red...
but not everyone loves red like I do.
So when I make designs for the shop
I try to use different colors...
to be honest I try to use colors that will sell.
But it's hard!
I try to use to find new and different color combos
and I find myself sifting through hundreds of possibilities a
and to be honest
that actually makes it harder.

This week I'm working on new blogger/twitter background sets.
The one you see now is up for sale in the shop
and every design I make, I try on for size here first.
I want to make a bunch to match designs I have in my shop
but I also want to make some fun new designs too..

so I'm looking for some inspiration...

tell me what color you are today.
What's your fav color?
Throw me some color combos...
make it challenging if you want!

I'll use them all and post images here next week!

The template up now is the Blue design I created because Bounty is blue and rainy today...
but it's happy rain :)


  1. Today, I am Blue, it is raining outside so Blue actually makes me happy. Pink and Black, Brown and Pink, Aqua, Turquoise and Brown and just a few of my favs. Also love Yellow and Green together. Thanks for making me think...

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Bounty! I'm starting in on a rainy blue set right now... awesome idea!

  3. green & purple, green & yellow, aqua & brown, tan & black, and pink & grey is a personl favorite!

  4. Right now, I am loving the combination of bright pink and orange!

  5. I love the choc brown with pink and light blue still. Classic but chic. For spring, I love coral with yellow.

  6. I don´t have anything in my clothes in green, but last times, I feel really green, here there is a phrase about green, it´s for couragement.

  7. Thank you all so much for the color combos... it really inspires me so much! So far I'm working on:
    Green & Yellow
    Black & Tan
    Bright Pink & Orange
    Coral & Yellow

    This is gonna keep me busy! I love busy :)

  8. Today I am peach. I'm content and for some reason peach makes me think of being content.

    My favorite color is green, the shade depends on the setting.

    I really enjoy pink & brown, turquoise & brown, and sage green & cream.

  9. Today I am Blue and Green....I am usually blue & green. Why? I'm blue for the perfect stillness of the beautiful sky. I'm green for the love of the country and acreage that surrounds my life.

  10. My favorit color combinations right now are:
    Blue and Yellow
    Pink and Brown
    Aqua and Brown

  11. I like gray and just about any color! Today I have on gray and yellow but I like it with pink and light blue too. Oh and plum! :)

  12. I like
    Cobalt blue and yellow
    Green and pink
    Turquoise and green

    This is fun.

  13. I am always green! LOL

    One color combo I love is green and red. Not your typical Christmas green and red. A spring green--something light and airy--with a rich darker red. A cherry red, maybe.

    I also enjoy green and purple, or green, purple and yellow!

    Red and yellow is AWESOME too!

  14. I love brown with green or brown with blue or brown with pink...well, brown with something!

  15. I would say I am caramel today, a nice muddy color, LOL! I love blue & green together. Others I like are lime & black, navy & beige, and sage & pink/peach. Can't wait to see your new designs!

  16. I am almost always blue. Sometimes Gray or White but usually blue. Think, stormy skies. My favorite color combinations are blue, gray, white and sometimes a tiny bit of sea green or lavender. Muted colors. That's me. :)

  17. Oh, thanks for the link to - I will give it a look!

  18. Today, I am green! I have on a bright green but wool sweater, as it is still snowing in Wisconsin!
    I need the green to feel some color. I feel color starved lately, after a very long and snowy winter.

    My favorite color is yellow. Bright, sunny, yellow!

    Recently, I combined maroon and bright orange and really liked the results!
    Carol from Carol's Jewelry Orchard

  19. I love a green/blue shade with brown
    I LOVE pink and grey

  20. always, turquoise. I love the color of the sea! and with your favorite color, red, it is wonderful :)

  21. Love playing around with color palettes. Right now one of my favorite colors is that very vintage green turquoise. It's just such a calm soothing color.

  22. I am feeling a little black and blue... a little purple, maybe green... and some yellow...

  23. Purple and green, orange and pink, blue and yellow are my favorite combos.

  24. I'm loving your layout! It's too cute! I love almost all the colors, not so much brown though, but I have seen some gorgeous brown treasuries :) It's all in the composition.

  25. I just was flipping through a fashion magazine that had a collection of Orange and blue. Neither are favorite colours of mine but the combination was really fun!

  26. My favourite colour is blue, preferably quite dark but not so dark that it's almost black.
    I really like red and warm yellow too. :)

  27. Love, Love, Love your blog wall!! Very cute. I want spring now!


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