Saturday, July 9, 2011

the PLAN

What was it... about two months ago?
I said I was going to try to pick up speed here
get things rolling
actually do some blogging
for fun...
to share information...
to visit with y'all!
(yeah that "y'all" sounded funny with my MN accent)
So here's the plan:
Monday is going to be Mailbox Monday...
I'll share a recent purchase from etsy or around the internet.
Wednesday is going to be Q&A & Tutorials
I'll answer some design/branding questions and show you how to do some simple customizing on your blog, facebook, twitter and etsy shops.
And I might ask YOU some questions too... so watch it!
Friday is Friday Finds Me....
I'll share what I'm doing OTHER than designing and this will probably involve my two favorite things... music and books.
Look for some fun reviews and loud music on Fridays.

And there it is... the blog plan.
What's that you say?
What about Tuesday and Thursday?
Pffft... let's not push our luck... we'll see how this goes first :)


  1. What a great action plan! I can't wait to read it all. Your blogs are always so interesting!

  2. Your blog is great, even without a plan. =)
    Although, today IS Friday, and I DO love music and books...teeheheeeee...Just kiddin'! I don't mind when or what you post, as long as I get to stop by, visit and say hi!


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