Monday, July 18, 2011

I asked for it

I complained and whined about the cold weather last month
and the month before that
and the 10 months before that.
I'm a huge baby and can't stand cold weather
and now
it's hot
Hot Hot Hot
and steamy...
it's tropical!
Walking outside is like walking into a sauna.
I let the dog out for one minute
my glasses fogged
and when I walked back into the house
my clothes felt wet. blech.

It's finally hot out! yay? hmmmm

I have a YUMMY interview lined up for next Monday.
Today... I have a list of work a mile long.

If you're on the Promo Frenzy team
don't forget to grab the new Shop Code on the sidebar for your blogs!
And tell Jill thanks :)

Everybody be cool!
(like fonzie)

1 comment:

  1. It's crazy, because at this point in summer, Calif is usually the HOT HOT HOT one...Today we're not supposed to get over 90 degrees. So we're trying to enjoy. =)
    Stay cool!!!
    P.S. Thanks for the team list code.


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