Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Organizational Floaties

When it comes to my clients designs
I have it covered.
I keep my list close by and ready to be checked off.
I'm fast and efficient.
I have nightmares about forgetting an order
or missing an email.

And that is where my organizational skills end.
I am drowning in ideas
and plans
and I could's
and I should's
and I need to's
and would this work?'s ...
throw me a floatie!
Or maybe one of those noodles?

I've always had this problem and here's why...
my perfectionist side takes over.
I decide I need to make a list...
and I sit and think about my list...
thinking... not writing.
I think and ponder how to make it perfect
and of course how to make it pretty
and I google other people's lists to see if there are any that are already perfect
and I think about how to make them better
and I try making cute little icons for my list
like little cartons of milk and laundry baskets
and then I realize that I've just wasted 4 hours researching lists
and I have a million things to do but can't remember any of them
because I never made my own damn list!

My goal today is to make myself a list
and post it here tomorrow.
You must hold me accountable.
I MUST do this.

ooooh look... something shiny.....


  1. You crack me up! Lists are only manageable if I put short-term projects in 1 part and long-term in another.

    I can't bear to keep seeing "Shampoo the rug" everyday.

  2. Linda I typed this post early this morning and have yet to post it for the team. Right after I wrote it do you know what I did? I ALMOST bought a book on organizing... seriously... instead of just making my list I googled. Pathetic.

    Now here I sit forcing myself to make my list and I am constantly drifting off thinking of ways to design it.

    ::smashes head into desk:::

  3. Still haven't finished the list... good grief.

  4. LOVE THIS! I feel your pain. I am currently surrounded my 4 lists....To-Make, Ideas, Family Stuff and our Bathroom Remodel list!!

    Drowning in ideas is hard, but I think a creative block would be harder:)

  5. I needed a good laugh. Seems everyone either can relate or knows someone...
    How's the list coming along? ;-)

  6. To Do list making must be my kryptonite. I grab my pen and notepad and time... slows... down... and I stare blankly at the few words I've scribbled... and then I think of something I should look up and there I am again doing something other than making my list. This is actually getting ridiculous.

  7. What a great list, love the title too!

  8. This is too funny!! I'll re-write my list if my writing isn't just perfect! lol
    Once it's done though and looks nice and neat, I do get so much more done than if I hadn't made a list at all. We'll expect to see yours tomorrow!!

  9. Excellent! I love the "something shiny". That's a huge theme in our house, too ;). Good luck with that list!

  10. I sure needed that laugh this evening, luv the ending oooooh look...something shiny...

  11. Really enjoyed reading this post. Like you sense of humor.

  12. Good luck...will check in tomorrow to be sure that list is up!!!

  13. LOL! "ooohh, something shiny!"

    I totally identify with you!

  14. How funny. We're going to be checking on you tomorrow to see that you get your list made. LOL

  15. did you start working on your list yet?)

  16. lists certainly make me more organized.. but from thinking to writing there's a long road coz oh if I write then I know I need to start checking them off..

  17. Lol! That is hilareous. I currently have three master lists and one daily list!


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