Thursday, July 7, 2011

just keep swimming...

You have no idea how hard it was
NOT to dwell on this...
I wanted to sit and perfect it
and make it look nice
but I stopped myself because I could tell
I was about to get carried away again.
Why make it pretty when it will most likely change next week?
So I'm letting it go. 
I'll use this one
and tweak it
and make a new one and tweak that
and hopefully in a few weeks
I'll have one that works for me
and THEN...
yeah then I'll make it pretty.

I'll make it shiny... so I notice it :)


  1. It's a great list - but why mess up Saturday with sinks and toilets? LOL!

  2. Because Saturday is Bubble Bath day! I want a clean tub :)

  3. You ARE organized!! Great looking list :-)


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