Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coming Attractions: Tips Tricks Freebies and a Whole Lotta Me

Blogging is necessary to a successful business...
I know! I know! ... and I have been slacking.
It's about time I start practicing what I preach.
I tell all my customers that in order for their shop to really succeed
they need... NEED to Facebook, Tweet and Blog
at the very least.

Did I hear a groan? Oh... that was me. Never mind.

I'm making up a schedule for myself for blogging...
really more of a chart so I can write things down as I think of them
ideas for posts and such.
There are loads of different sites where you can find free blog planners
but I want one that fits me. When I get it ready, I'll share it.
Maybe it will work for you too.

The plan is to blog about me, my graphic design shop, my design process
and everything I'm learning along the way.
Maybe some useful tips to help out newbies to etsy.
Some fun freebies like the recipe I posted yesterday.
I'm totally open to suggestions.
Want to see something... tell me.
I also want to do some more reviews
and show off some of the awesome purchases I've made
and the awesome sellers I bought from.

So in a nutshell...
things will be a changing here... hopefully for the better.


  1. Look forward to reading your blogs. I like the idea of the chart as I sometimes need to reminder to blog instead of throwing together something last-minute!

  2. I especially like the idea of blogging about the items you've bought on etsy ... I always enjoy seeing all those goodies :-)

  3. Sounds great!! :-)

  4. Oh I'm slacking too. Even worse than you are. lol. I should get back on that....

  5. I look forward to reading your blogs. I think as I go along, writing down ideas as they pop in my head so I can plan ahead will hopefully make things much easier.

  6. Planning? What's that? LOL! I wish I had your commitment, and will look forward to your future blogs!

  7. Can not wait to see what you to plan things that it ever works out.

  8. Great post, can't wait to read more!

  9. I thought that was me groaning. Wow, you're organized. I just let it fly off the cuff. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

  10. you have a beautiful blog. love the layout and design.

  11. Great ideas! I'd love to see more of your posts. Great layout, btw!

  12. Oh, I love the idea of a blog planner! I need to keep all of my guest posts in order!

  13. Change is good -- good luck with your new plan! :)

  14. Hope your plan works out for you. My problem is that I make all kinds of plans and never seem to be disciplined enough to follow them. Now that I'm retired it's worse! :))

  15. uniquecozytreasures - Good luck with your blog. I will be looking forward to reading it.

  16. "the plan" sounds great! looking forward to reading your posts:)

  17. Look forward to reading more posts on your blog!


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