Wednesday, February 2, 2011

to blog or not to blog

that is the question
and the answer is
guess I'm blogging
along with the tumbling
and stumbling
and tweeting
and facebooking
and just where the heckfire am I gonna find the time for all this?
Or to be more truthful...
where in the heckfire am I gonna find the time to do everything else?
I just had to use the word heckfire today
in fact I do believe it is the WORD of the day.
Know why? Don't you remember?
I sure as heckfire remember.

So now if you've read this far
and you think you know what the heckfire I'm talking about
tell me in the comments who said it
in what movie
first person to answer correctly gets a 25% off coupon code for my design shop.
Everyone else gets thrown in for a drawing for a 10% coupon code.

ciao babies

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