Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello Blogger, my old friend...

it's good to blog with you again.

Ah the first post.
Not that this is my first post...
I've done the "first post" thing several times now
and it's always the same
feels like I'm talking to myself in an empty room
like my voice is echoing back at me
and you know how it always sounds kinda funny
when you hear your own voice.

So if you've stopped by
and caught me here talking to myself
like a crazy woman....
well please
for heaven's sake say something!

echo.... echo.... echo....


  1. I am suppose to tell you when you are talking to yourself ....well you are talking to yourself. This just coming from a good friend friend, friend......

  2. I may be talking to myself but it's really scary when I start answering back...

  3. Huh that is normal....I do that all the time :)


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