Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Say Something!

Last week we talked about the difference between your logo, identity and brand. Run back and read that post if you missed it. There's a link at the bottom that leads to yet another post with a slideshow on your BRAND. This is big stuff, important stuff. Go read... we'll wait!

Here's some music while we wait:

Ready? Ok let's focus on the "message" part of your Identity.
What are you saying to your customers?
I don't mean "what does your logo say or your color scheme say"
I mean
WHAT are YOU saying?
Are you posting on your blog at least once each week?
Are you tweeting and actively finding new people to follow?
Are you posting on facebook at lease once a day?
I know it's hard to keep everything going.
We have a busy day.
We fall behind.
We don't know what to say.
We think we have nothing to say.
So, in a pinch, we tweet something like this:

"Etsy Shop Banner Avatar Set  Never Resold  by KellyJSorenson http://etsy.me/q5Yx7C via @Etsy"

That's the generic tweet from my etsy listing. Now I ask you... who is going to click on that? Other than bots... most likely no one.

Now what if I tweeted this:

"I need some opinions... what do you think of my new graphic set: http://etsy.me/q5Yx7C Love me some input!"

NOW I might be able to get someone's attention. People love to tell you what they think. If I were to continue doing tweets like this, people may answer me. I would answer back. A dialogue will have been started. Then maybe when I tweet about my weekly blog post.. they might come read what I have to say! They might follow me on Facebook. They might become a customer. They might even become a friend. Maybe they have a business and you can partner up and promote each other.

Take 10 minutes and go read your twitter feed. Do you find yourself skimming past the obvious sales tweets? I know I do. I just scanned mine and I was drawn to a tweet about music, some tweets about blog posts, quote tweets, and of course, tweets about social media. Those are the things that caught MY eye. You need to figure out what catches the eye of your target market, and tweet about that! The same thing goes for facebook.

Start discussions about people's interests. Post some inspiring or funny quotes. Tweet about recent events. Ask questions. Take a poll. Then, in between all those discussion type tweets and posts, when you have people following along and actively participating, then you can throw in some sales type posts and tweets. Tell them about your new line. Mention what you're working on or show them the newest custom order. Make sure it flows with your identity and is something that will interest your target market.

Just get started! Start with one thing... maybe one facebook post each day or one blog post each week. Don't get overwhelmed. Keep doing it. It takes time but consistency is key here. When people know when to expect to hear from you, they will start too LOOK for you. If you're engaging them, they'll start to look for your posts and tweets.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and don't miss the newsletter for more on engaging your target market.

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