Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Finds Me ... happy and alone :)

I took a little quiz today
and no not one of those
"which star trek characters are you" tests
"how sexy are you today" quizzes...
I took a personality test and I'm not too shocked to find out
that I am an introvert.
Not just a little introverted but
100% introvert.
I've always jokingly called myself a hermit.
I've been told I'm stuck up
and hard to get to know.
I'm not any of those things...
I'm an introvert.
I'm not shy... I'm an introvert.
I'm not sad and alone... I'm an introvert.
Big difference.... BIG!

A few months ago I took this personality test
and the results were eye opening for me
and my non introverted family.
It described me perfectly!

This is getting long... sorry.
So anyway I like to post music on Fridays
because it's always playing here
and I wondered if there was an introverted "song"
so I googled and huh...
I found a page where people were listing their ideas of "introverted" songs
and they were all about being sad and alone.
I'm not sad and alone. I'm not depressed.
Ok sure I do spend a lot of TIME alone
and  I like it that way.
The closest thing I could find is this...
and only because the name of the band is Northern Introvert lol!
Actually I'm glad I googled it... I do like this music :)



  1. That is so awesome! I recently found out that I too am an introvert so I want to celebrate with you and acknowledge with you how awesome it is to realise, as i did, that you're not an unhappy extrovert, that you just process things differently, and in my view...awesomely! Chairs Airs!

  2. Kelly - I'm an INTJ as well! Hooray! Really like this music. Thanks for sharing.


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