Saturday, February 12, 2011


A while back I found DrawGabbyDraw on etsy
and fell in love with her work.
This morning I rushed to the post office to pick up my newest order:

I so love this print!
Isn't it stunning?
Everything in her shop is absolutely delightful!
I also received something extra!
Gabby sent me this sweet little watercolor
and it reminds me sooooo much of my cat Hobbes
who was basically Christopher Walken in a fur suit.

soft footsteps in the hall
she could try to be quiet but he could always hear her
clumsy human movements
his ear twitched at the sound of her breathing
a slow smug smile on his cheshire face

she was close now
backing silently in the corner
his body bunched waiting to spring
until he saw her shadow enter the doorway
and he leaped high
as high as his huge furry body could leap
twisting in the air
hitting her arm with a paw as he sailed past
and landing with a graceless thud
on all fours of course

she shrieked her surprise
she always did
and it was always very satisfying

once she stopped laughing...
he never understood what was SO funny...
she said
My turn to hide now!
and ran off

yes yes
go hide
simple human

i'll be napping in the sun when you are done hiding

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