Thursday, November 29, 2012

Find the Personality of Your Business... and Turn it UP

What is your marketing personality? 

Are you more of a quirky,wild n crazy artist? A fast talking, super smooth marketer? A calm, cool, reserved coach? A sweet, nerdy helper? (That's me!) There are all kinds of different marketing personalities you might have. Identifying your marketing personality can make your marketing much more powerful and efficient.

First, what's YOUR personality?

Identifying your own personality can help. Knowing your personality type makes it easier for you to write and create content for your business. You'll know what kind of voice and writing style tends to work best for you and can shape your content more easily. It's much easier to create content with a voice in mind than to blindly try to figure out what your audience wants and responds to.

Example... Years ago when I had a personal blog, I had a specific style of writing. I wrote in a way that was fun, nonsensical, and people liked it. I never veered from that style. People knew what they were going to get when they came to my blog, it was me. This business blog is very different. Still me, just a different voice.

If I were to use the voice I used on my personal blog for this content, it simply would not work. Sure, a bit of that voice leaks out every now and then. If you follow me long enough, you'll learn that I'm a huge Trekkie. You'll see on my twitter profile that I play World of Warcraft. But you aren't here to read about my horrible singing voice. You're here to read about stylish graphic design, branding, and social media tips. For this blog, I've turned down the nerd a bit and pumped up the volume on my "business geek" voice.

Figuring Out Which Voice You Should Use

So how do you actually figure out your marketing personality?

Start by looking over your content. Look at your written articles, your video content, your blog content and anything else.

  • What kind of voice comes through? 
  • What kind of personality are you representing?
  • What resonates with your audience?

Review your content and figure out your personality, even if it isn't clearly defined yet. You might get the sense that there's a personality in there, but it isn't really coming through yet. If that's the case, try to put a finger on what that personality is. What would it sound like it if you turned up the volume?

If you come up with a few different voices, try to pick a main one. It's okay to have different personalities, of course. But when you're representing yourself to the public, it really helps to have a primary personality that people can relate with. Don't talk like a professor one day and swear like a sailor the next.

Find your marketing voice, and run with it! The more you dial up your personality, the more likely people are to be attracted to your business.

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