Sunday, September 23, 2012

Twitter's New Look

If I left the house (which I rarely do)
and I had accidentally put on two different shoes
or if I had on an outfit that looked horrible,
I would want a friend to tell me.
So I could fix it.

Twitter, darling, you need to go home and change.

The twitter redesign is, in my opinion, horrendous. 

**on a side note, do you know there are only four words in the English language that end in -dous? First person to tweet me the other three words gets a 25% off coupon for anything in the shop... excludes custom work, of course.  This has already been given to a quick tweeting smarty pants!

Back to twitter... normally I would see this as a challenge. Find a way to make it work! Find a creative way to make a fabulous twitter header. This time though, I throw my hands up in disgust. If they removed the shaded overlay... things might work but as it is... no. 

I will admit, I did see one that looked ok. HughBriss made a nice header that blends with the avatar: and it fits his style nicely. Maybe I'm just grumpy about it because it doesn't fit my style nicely. bah.

So, being the good friend that I am, I told twitter. I tweeted them. I emailed them. I sent them an image and said that anything would look better than what they have right now. Here's the image I sent them: 

I've gotten no response. Maybe twitter is that friend that doesn't take kind criticism well... or worse... what if they are one of those friends who tells you that those jeans look great on you when in reality they make your butt look big.

"No really, that header and avatar combo looks GREAT on you!" (snicker)

Well since it's here, we might as well go over how to change your graphics. First off, you need an image that is 1252 x 626. Once you have that... 

Head over to your twitter page and click on the gear. Click on Settings.

On the left side, click on the Design tab... and then scroll down.

Click the Change Image header and click Choose existing image.

You'll then be able to choose your file from your computer. Then you'll get a screen like this:

See that little slider? Don't mess with it. When I did, I had to reupload my file. Not sure if that has changed but that's how it was when I did it. Just hit save.

Then you're going to see the little wheel spinning while Twitter sets your header. Wait for it or you get to do it all over again. Twitter is kinda touchy... kinda glitchy. Sometimes I've had to upload things over and over to get them to work properly.

And there you have it. Your header is up and covered with a dirty gray overlay. 

Seriously... who thought this overlay business was a good idea??? They need a good friend to tell them that it's just not working.

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